Race Disparity Audit: Government-backed gaslighting

Houses of Parliamentsource: Make It Plain
published: 31 March 2021
(Kehinde Andrews)

In a surprise to no one who was paying attention the British government’s Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities, has concluded that ‘concerns the UK is institutionally racist are not borne out by the evidence’.

This was never a genuine attempt to understand the issues of racism that erupted onto the surface last summer, but a naked ploy by the most brazenly racist government in memory to prove that there is not a problem. It was only in 2017 that Theresa May’s Race Disparity Audit and Labour MP David Lammy’s review summarised the clear evidence of systemic racism.

These gestures just confirmed countless academic research efforts that show a very clear picture of structural racism across all areas of life (shameless self promotion here, but I just published a book outlining the scale and nature of the problem). If you were unconvinced then the disproportionate death rates of Covid-19 on racialized communities should have been enough to wake you from your stupor.

The evidence of institutional racism is so well established that anyone arguing it does not exist is either a liar or a fool. This report does not deserve the dignity of a response to its claims because it is not research but propaganda, whose sole purpose is to legitimise the government’s racist agenda.

The contempt for movements to address racism were summed up with Priti Patel’s denouncing of the BLM protests as ‘dreadful’ and a subsequent policing bill aimed at criminalizing protest and somehow making the penalty for defacing a statue harsher than for committing a rape.

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