For Marc Cole and Adrian McDonald

Justice For Marc Cole and Adrian McDonald flyer

The campaign set up their page for the families of Marc Cole and Adrian McDonald. Two young men, both devoted fathers, living at opposite ends of the country. Both killed by police taser, baton and dog restraint during a mental health crisis.


Taser trauma: an increasingly British phenomenon

An IRR News researcher speaks to scholars and campaigners across the country about the disproportionate use of Tasers on over-policed BME communities, as the IOPC announces an inquiry into widespread police discrimination.

On 4 May in Haringey, the police tasered Jordan Walker-Brown, a then 23-year-old black man they were trying to detain as he jumped over a wall, leaving him paralysed from the waist down. Just two days later, a video circulated showing the police tasering another black man, Desmond Ziggy Mombeyarara, in front of his young son in Greater Manchester, who distressingly screams ‘Daddy’ whilst watching his father fall to the ground.

Then, on 9 June, rapper Wretch 32 shared bodycam footage of the police entering the Tottenham home of his father Millard Scott in search of a suspect on 21 April. The footage shows the police tasering Mr Scott at the top of the stairs, resulting in the 62-year-old falling head-first down the flight of stairs.

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