Poorer countries are still being left behind on COVID-19 vaccinations

COVID19 Masked Mansource: The Huff Post
published: 17 February 2021

As the U.S. and dozens of other wealthy nations began vaccinating their citizens against the coronavirus, developing countries where billions of people live had yet to even receive vaccine supplies.

And although an international plan to send vaccines to more than 100 nations is kicking into high gear later this month, it will take years to implement ― with countless lives lost in the process and the global recovery from the pandemic significantly delayed.

Following the World Health Organization’s approval of the AstraZeneca-Oxford vaccine on Monday, COVAX ― a joint effort by 190 governments and key international health programs ― will begin delivering hundreds of millions of doses of the shot to member states worldwide.

The nations, ranging from Indonesia to Nigeria and Brazil, are home to the vast majority of the global population. COVAX officials expect that 145 of those countries will be able to vaccinate around 3% of their citizens by the summer.

That still leaves billions without a jab that could protect them from severe illness, even as the coronavirus continues to evolve in unexpected ways and pharmaceutical companies continue to provide most of the vaccines they produce to rich nations.

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