National Family Fund 2nd grants round & UFFC Gift Fund summary

NATIONAL MEMORIAL FAMILY FUND 2nd fund roundsource: 4WardEverUK
published: 9 February 2021

The second National Mikey Powell Memorial Family Fund (NMPMFF) grant round closed on 7 February 2021, as well as the United Families & Friends Campaign (UFFC) Children’s Xmas Fund that we managed on their behalf.

We successfully allocated £2,300 in grants to 4 families/campaigns in this round. The average grants were in the range of £250 to £400+ dependent on the need identified.

Recipients of Family Fund grants included:

We are very proud to have been able to support the families and campaigns listed below, and are grateful to our volunteers, donors and supporters that made it all possible:
Justice for Grant Alam
Cherry Groce Memorial Appeal
Justice for Allan Marshall
Family of Jake Anderson.

See the ‘Grants Awarded’ page for details of some recipients:
Check out the National Family Album: 
Recipients of Children’s Xmas Gift Fund grants included:
A total of £200 was paid out as gifts to children under the age of 18 years old. UFFC are likely to pay out further Gift Fund awards in due course.

See the Family Fund Q&A  :  REGISTER NOW!

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