Mogous Abay (suspicious death) Campaign appeal

Mogous Abay
Mogous Abay

source: Justice for Mogous Abay
published: 14 January 2021

Mogous Abay died on 30 June 1990 in suspicious circumstances. His brother, Alemseged, friends and supporters are convinced that Mogous did not commit suicide and they dispute the pathologist’s report that his death was caused by multiple injuries consistent with a fall from a great height.

There is particular concern about the police investigation into Mogous’s death. The police claimed that they arrived at the scene to find Mogous lying in a pool of blood. However, no witness at the scene saw any blood, either on Mogous’s body or on his clothes, suggesting that he was dead before he fell.

Police officers attending the scene claimed Mogous was still breathing, but a neighbour who covered his body disputes this. Neighbours also report that they did not hear any sound at the time, which would have indicated a body falling from over 30 feet.

“Help us in reclaiming justice for Mogous Abay. We want the British public to be the judges of this wrongdoing”

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