Thirteen Images from around the world that defined the year 2020

Black Lives Matter (BLM) Protestersource: The Huff Post
published: 27 December 2020

There will never be another year like this one…  Applause and anger from balconies as a pandemic rages; military trucks carrying coffins; health care workers in personal protective equipment; and millions marching for racial justice.

In this article HuffPost editors have compiled 13 images selected from around the world that defined the year 2020.

Despite recording fewer deaths than many comparable countries, Japan could not escape the life-altering effects of COVID-19. Tokyo’s notorious rush hour, however, remained largely unchanged.

It was the darkest night in Bergamo, the city hardest hit by the coronavirus in Italy. At the first light of dawn on March 18, 15 army trucks loaded up their precious cargo and drove slowly from the cemetery to the highway out of the city. They carried 65 coffins that the city could not bury: There was no more space in the cemetery, funeral services were collapsing, and they were no longer able to cremate corpses.

As one of the countries hit the earliest by the coronavirus, South Korea witnessed a spike in COVID-19 cases in the spring. As much as the government was prepared, the virus hit hard and fast. Most citizens feared the worst. There was a sense of panic.

In June, Patrick Hutchinson, an activist and supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement, carried far-right counter protester Bryn Male to safety during a heated moment at a BLM march in central London.

The image was captured by Reuters news agency photographer Dylan Martinez and quickly went viral, with many hailing Hutchinson as a “hero.”

The media zeroed in on the photo — it was splashed across global newspaper front pages, and it popped up on billboards across the capital.

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