Pat Finucane: Just how much lower can this British government stoop?

Pat Finucane
Pat Finucane

source: The Irish News
published: 11 December 2020

Yet again the British government covers itself in shame and utter disgrace as the rest of the modern world looks on. It is widely accepted that past British governments have been involved in collusion in the north of Ireland.

It has been acknowledged by them that they were guilty of heinous crimes of this nature. David Cameron, while PM, stated this publicly in the House of Commons and apologised for their criminal actions.

The [cold-blooded] murder of Pat Finucane was steeped in state collusion – a fact which is now accepted unequivocally by all right-thinking people all around the world.

The family of the murdered solicitor are not looking for those that pulled the trigger. No. They want to know who gave the order to murder their loved one and that person must have been controlled and answerable to someone high up or at the very top of 10 Downing Street.

The latest disgraceful refusal to hold a public enquiry is an indictment of the current government and clearly sends out a signal that they still have something to hide.

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