New bodycam from Breonna Taylor’s killing undermines state account

Breonna Taylor
Breonna Taylor : all credits – This is Breonna Taylor

source: Democracy Now!
published: 28 September 2020

We speak with Vice News correspondent Roberto Ferdman about new body camera footage he obtained from the police raid that killed Breonna Taylor in Louisville in March, which has raised troubling questions about the integrity of the crime scene, and the investigation that followed.

“The public deserves more information to understand what we know for sure and what we don’t and why things have been presented the way they have been,” Ferdman tells Democracy Now!

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AMY GOODMAN: This is Democracy Now! I’m Amy Goodman. After nearly 200 days of protests calling for justice for Breonna Taylor, the 26-year-old African American woman shot to death in her own apartment by plainclothes Louisville officers serving a no-knock warrant, new evidence is raising troubling questions about the integrity of the crime scene after the raid, and the investigation that followed.”

On Thursday, a grand jury failed to charge any of the three white Louisville police officers involved in the killing of Breonna Taylor with her death. Kentucky’s governor, Louisville’s mayor have joined calls to release the grand jury transcripts.

Vice News has obtained body camera footage from Louisville Metro Police Department officers and SWAT team members from the night of the raid that raises questions about the investigation.

On Saturday, Vice posted a clip that shows former detective Brett Hankison, one of the three officers who fired their guns and the only one now facing charges — he’s facing charges of first-degree wanton endangerment for gunshots, not that hit Breonna Taylor’s apartment or her, but that hit a neighboring apartment.

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