National Mikey Powell Family Fund 1st grants round funding summary

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published: 14 September 2020

The very first ever National Mikey Powell Memorial Family Fund (NMPMFF) grant round closed on 7 September 2020, acknowledging the anniversary of Mikey Powell’s death.

The fund successfully allocated £8,350 in grants to 19 families/campaigns in the first round. The average grants were in the range of £250 to £650+ dependent on the needs that were identified.

Recipients of grants included:
The National Family Fund are very proud to have been able to support the families and campaigns listed below, and are grateful to their volunteers, donors and supporters that made it all possible:

  1. Justice for Gaia
  2. Justice For Marc Cole & Adrian McDonald
  3. Justice for Cameron ‘CBO’ Whelan
  4. JusticeForJack
  5. Azelle Rodney Campaign
  6. Justice for Seni
  7. Sean Rigg Justice and Change Campaign
  8. The Forgotten
  9. Lloyd Butler
  10. Justice For Joy
  11. Justice 4 Daz
  12. Justice for Christopher Alder
  13. Jason Mcpherson
  14. Justice for Kingsley Burrell
  15. Justice for Mzee Mohammed
  16. Leon Patterson Campaign
  17. Justice for Winston
  18. Justice4TerryRoberts
  19. Robert Waller Campaign
See the ‘Grants Awarded’ page for details of some of the recipients:

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