National Family Fund now formally incubated by Catalyst4Change

source: National Family Fund
published: 11 August 2020

It was recently announced that (with effect from 29 July 2020) the National Mikey Powell Memorial Family Fund (NMPMFF) is now formally incubated by West Midlands based social enterprise Catalyst 4 Change CIC, thereby taking on its legal identity but maintaining their operational independence.

How this helps the National Family Fund!
Being incubated by Catalyst 4 Change provides the NMPMFF with a legally constituted lead/governing body to guide and administer good governance and accountability practices. The incubation also opens up new avenues of funding and income generation for the NMPMFF until it is formally constituted in its own right.

Other long term aims of the NMPMFF include:

  1. Stage a range of national events (e.g. live music, theatre & drama, films & Q&A’s etc) to raise both awareness of the issues of deaths in custody in the UK, and revenue for the fund
  2. Develop regional helplines (in partnership with Red Alert HELP!) for families concerned about a loved one detained in police, immigration, prison institutions or detained under the Mental Health Act
  3. Develop a range of counselling & therapy hubs across the UK to help children, young people and families deal with the devastation following a custody death
  4. Provide respite, group outings and short UK-based holidays for families affected

Mikey Powell’s cousin, Tippa Naphtali said;
“This fund has the potential to make a real difference for families and their campaign groups that need financial support during the often long and drawn out struggles for justice that can last for decades.

“The needs of affected families and children can often get lost in the equally important work of campaigning and lobbying of state institutions. We want to change that with a permanent national support fund set up specifically for their needs.“

About Catalyst 4 Change
Catalyst 4 Change has a powerful social mission to strengthen the capacity and networks of user-led, voluntary, social enterprise, grassroots, statutory organisations and businesses to ensure the right mental health care is in place.

The Catalyst 4 Change team is made up of directors and associates that came together in 2015 with a shared vision to tackle mental health inequalities, and support grassroots activities aimed at those affected. The team have several decades of combined experience in delivering a range of wellbeing and community initiatives to some of the most vulnerable people in our society.

Sandra Griffiths (co-director of Catalyst) said;
“We look forward to working with The National Family Fund to support their goals and aspirations”.

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