The Trump administration is on a capital punishment killing spree

Donald Trump Toonsource: The Nation
published: 17 July 2020

Last summer, Attorney General William Barr ordered federal prisons to resume executions. Earlier this week, the Department of Justice carried through on Barr’s order, executing the first federal prisoner in 17 years.

Then, it executed another. There are now 60 people on federal death row, and I don’t know how many of them Donald Trump and Bill Barr will try to have killed before they hopefully lose power over life and death on January 20, 2021. Bill Barr has already ordered the Bureau of Prisons to schedule two more executions.

In normal times, if a president with a 40 percent approval rating tried to rush through two executions a week after he commuted the sentence of one of his cronies, the press would be all over the scandal. In the Trump era, the administration’s policy of letting hundreds of thousands of people die from Covid-19 is the bigger human rights outrage.

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