Police misconduct allegations dismissed in Anthony Grainger case

Anthony Grainger
Anthony Grainger

all credits: Socialist Worker
published: 4 June 2020

A retired assistant chief constable accused of misleading a public inquiry into the shooting of an unarmed man will not face misconduct proceedings.

Allegations against Steven Heywood, who retired from Greater Manchester Police (GMP) in 2018, were dismissed by a panel on Tuesday. The force was accused of a “fundamental disregard” for everyone involved in the proceedings.

Anthony Grainger was shot through the chest as he sat in a car in Culcheth, Cheshire, by an armed police officer known as “Q9” in March 2012.

Detectives said they believed Grainger and two others were planning a robbery and had access to firearms.

However, no weapons were found and a public inquiry last year found GMP entirely to blame for his death due to serious flaws in its operation.

Judge Thomas Teague QC criticised senior officers for a “catastrophic series of failings and errors”.

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