On anniversary of historic bombing: MOVE’s message is ‘Free Mumia!’

Police bombing of MOVE
Aftermath of MOVE police bombing

sources: Workers World
published: 18 May 2020

May 13 was an historic and emotionally charged day as the city of Philadelphia took time to commemorate the horrific bombing of the MOVE family 35 years ago.

Police dropped a C4 military-grade bomb on their west Philadelphia home, killing six adults and five children. City officials, including then Mayor Wilson Goode Sr., let the resulting fire burn, destroying 62 homes in the working-class Osage Ave. neighborhood.

What makes this year’s observation different is the release, over the last year and a half, of all remaining MOVE 9 members imprisoned since 1978. Their release was the primary MOVE demand at the time of the 1985 attack.

Several MOVE members, including those who lost children in the fire, participated in the commemoration. This was a cause for celebration, but also a call for rededication to struggle so that none of the deaths have been in vain.

The predominant demand of all MOVE members participating in interviews and webinars around the anniversary was not for apologies, but for justice — foremost, the release of MOVE supporter, journalist and political prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal.

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