INQUEST briefing on COVID-19: Protecting people in places of custody and detention

Domiciliary Prisonsource: INQUEST
published: 25 March 2020

INQUEST has published a new briefing on COVID-19: Protecting people in places of custody and detention. The briefing sets out our immediate concerns around the pandemic, focusing on our areas of expertise. We highlight the government’s human rights obligations and the need to protect people in places of custody and detention.

We recognise that this is a challenging time for everyone living and working in institutional settings. The impact of more restrictive regimes and practices, suspension of family visits and the anxiety around the virus will impact on people’s mental and physical health – many of whom are already extremely vulnerable.

Without immediate action to implement safety measures alongside efforts to reduce the number of people in some detention settings, the impact could be catastrophic, with many preventable deaths.

Deborah Coles, Director of INQUEST said: “People held in detention settings are some of society’s most vulnerable and disadvantaged. Covid-19 does not discriminate, nor should our response to it. Just as the government’s response in the community seeks to prioritise protecting those most at risk, so should its response within detention settings.”

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