A grim anniversary for torture survivors [in the United States]

Woman in Detention

source: The Hill
published: 28 January 2020

For some of the most desperate among us, January has become very dark, indeed. Three years ago Monday, the president issued his original, odious, Muslim ban, a year ago Wednesday, the similarly cruel “Remain in Mexico” policy.

And with an expansion of the Muslim ban’s third iteration looming, we’ll likely be marking that solemn anniversary at this same time next year, too.

The thread that binds these policies, and many of a similar nature that were enacted in-between, is a repudiation of the United States as a place of refuge for those seeking protection from persecution. In practice, they have produced hell for torture survivors.

As the executive director of the U.S.-based Center for Victims of Torture (CVT), I constantly see difficult days for our refugee and asylum-seeking clients trying to heal, return to employment, and raise families in a country that has willfully destroyed its legacy as a safe haven.

Far too many Americans don’t realize that torture is what drives thousands to become refugees or asylum seekers.

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