2019 was nearly ‘the year of executing the innocent’ says DPIC

Prisoner on Death Rowsource: The Guardian
published: 17 December 2019

This year came close to being the year of executions of innocent men, according to a non-partisan assessment of the death penalty in America.

The 2019 annual report of the Death Penalty Information Center (DPIC) paints a picture of US capital punishment withering on the vine yet continuing to display shocking flaws and injustices.

In total, 22 prisoners were killed by just seven states this year – a dramatic decline from the peak of 98 executions in 1999 and the lowest number since 20 were put to death three years ago.

But behind that falling headline figure, the DPIC’s report highlights a judicial system in death penalty states riddled with basic failings. As the center’s executive director, Robert Dunham, put it: “2019 came close to being the year of executing the innocent.”

In an excoriating roundup of the year, Dunham said: “Our courts and public officials too frequently flat out ignore potentially deadly mistakes, and often take steps to obstruct the truth.”

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