Ahmed Timol commemorated in historic exhibition and dialogue

Ahmed Timol
Ahmed Timol

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published: 22 October 2019

Anti-apartheid activist Ahmed Timol has been remembered in a historic exhibition and dialogue at Freedom Park. Timol died in October 1971 after falling from the 10th floor of the then John Vorster Square Police Station.

Timol’s family began trying to unearth the real version and evidence of events after rejecting claims from the original inquest which suggests he committed suicide. The inquest was reopened in 2017.

Timol’s nephew Imtiaz Cajee says the commemoration did not only highlight the sacrifices made by the struggle hero but by many others.

“It put into context the sacrifices made by many many others who remain voiceless, like Ntate Ben Kgoathe whose dad died in police custody in 1969”.

— Imtiaz Cajee, Ahmed Timol’s nephew

“Yes, remembrance of the tragic, painful past but also inspiring us to continue to do the right things in a democratic South Africa”.

— Imtiaz Cajee, Ahmed Timol’s nephew

The man who became corpse number 3991/71 became a celebrity, his death an important milestone in the history of the liberation struggle.

The apartheid regime believed it had crushed all opposition to the state, but activists like Timol kept up the struggle, ultimately his death served as an inspiration to many other activists to continue to fight for the democracy we enjoy in South Africa today.”

The trust stressed that this year was particularly important as justice would finally take its course over Timol’s death.

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