Deaths in police custody : Latest statistics from INQUEST

Statisticssource: INQUEST
published: 8 August 2019

“To date there have been 1717 deaths in police custody or otherwise following contact with the police in England & Wales since 1990”

Source: INQUEST casework and monitoring team

See a breakdown of deaths in police custody or following other forms of contact with the police, as well as vehicular pursuits and road traffic incidents (RTIs) since 1990, by calendar year (January-December) and type.

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You can also find further breakdowns of this data on the following pages:

INQUEST’s figures are derived from their monitoring and casework and are independent of those produced by the Home Office, the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) and other government agencies.

INQUEST defines police custody deaths as deaths that take place while the individual is in contact with police, whether or not they have been arrested, or that happen shortly after that contact. The death may not necessarily have occurred inside a police station.

We do not include self-inflicted deaths following contact with police or deaths as a result of domestic violence where the police have been involved.

INQUEST publishes live statistics on deaths in prison, available here.
These statistics are reported by calendar year, from now to 1990.

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