Op-ed: We should kill capital punishment

Death Penalty - Cruel Punishmentsource: The Michigan Daily
published: 31 July 2019

On July 25, the United States Attorney General announced that the federal government would once again practice capital punishment in relation to five death-row inmates convicted of murder, torture and rape of children and the elderly.

The executions, scheduled for December and January, are the first to be carried out by the federal government since 2003.

There is no doubt that the crimes committed by these individuals are objectively heinous, and deserve to be punished to the fullest extent of the law.’

But that leads to the question: Should the system allow for such an extreme and brutal sentence? To some, the answer is a clear “yes.” After all, why should we go easy on perpetrators who so viciously hurt the most innocent groups among us?

It seems like a logical conclusion: a literal “taste of their own medicine” form of justice. However, I would argue that capital punishment is not true justice and is not just morally wrong, but is unconstitutional.

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