Eddie Africa of the MOVE 9 released after nearly 41 years in prison

Prisoner In Jail

source: Workers World
published: 2 July 2019

Edward Goodman Africa, released earlier this month after four decades of wrongful imprisonment, spoke this morning to dozens of supporters and members of the press gathered at the Philadelphia Student Union. Janet Africa and Janine Africa were with him, making this the first public appearance of the three members of the MOVE 9 since the arrest of these political prisoners in August 1978.

“The time, while it was hard, does not seem that way when I saw them,” said Eddie, gesturing to both Janet and Janine beside him. “It did not feel like it had been that long. It felt like the next day from when we got arrested. It’s good to be with family.”

Addressing reporters, Africa continued, “I’m telling you now, as I told them then: I’m innocent. I did not – we did not – kill Ramp.”

James Ramp died during the 1978 police assault on the MOVE house in Powelton Village, likely struck by one of the tens of thousands of rounds fired by his fellow officers that day. Nine MOVE members were all convicted of firing the same bullet.

“They know we didn’t do it. I’ve had parole agents tell me they know we didn’t kill that cop. But somebody had to pay. So they chose us.”

MOVE Minister of Confrontation Pam Africa opened the press conference by playing a prerecorded statement by journalist and activist-on-the-inside Mumia Abu-Jamal congratulating Eddie on his release.

“My brother, Mu,” said Eddie in response. “That made my day.”

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