One of the most notorious murders of the Troubles not properly investigated finds UK Supreme Court

Pat Finucane
Pat Finucane

source: Irish Central
published: 1 March 2019

The United Kingdom Supreme Court has ruled that the investigation into the murder of human rights lawyer Pat Finucane was not an effective investigation but the court left it to the British government to decide whether a new investigation should take place.

The legal ruling in London this week has put the spotlight on shocking allegations of collusion between British security forces and loyalist death squads surrounding one of the most notorious murders of the Troubles in Northern Ireland.

The Supreme Court ruling in relation to the murder of Belfast solicitor Pat Finucane follows a 30-year campaign for justice by his family and led to renewed calls for a full public inquiry into the atrocity to take place.

Finucane (39) was shot 14 times while having Sunday lunch with his wife Geraldine – who was shot once but survived – and three young children at his family home in February 1989. Two masked gunmen attacked them in their home.

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