David Dungay: mother’s moving demand for justice over son’s death

David Dungay

source: The Guardian
published: 8 March 2019

The Dungay family gathered in the witness box this afternoon, the last to speak at the long inquest into the death of the Dunghutti man, who died after guards rushed his cell and restrained him face down on the floor in Long Bay jail hospital in 2015.

David’s mother Leetona, supported by her children, spoke powerfully about David’s childhood, managing his diabetes as his “nurse and diabetes educator” from a very young age, and how she watched him “grow into a lovely young man”.

“He made bad mistakes but he did his time and paid his debt. He was so close to being free.”

Leetona said she asked the court to deliver justice for her family.

“I have nothing against you lawyers in the expensive suits who went to good schools. You worked hard to get where you are. But face facts – you have no idea what it is to grow up as an Aboriginal person in this country.

“Imagine a game of footy like David used to play, but one team has to play with one hand tied behind their back. That’s what racism and discrimination feels like for us.”

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