DIY SOS Grenfell Community

Fire Fighters on-scene

source: Radio Times News
published: 27 March 2018

BBC renovation series DIY SOS screened a two-part special for the community around Grenfell Tower, with Nick Knowles and the team working to build a boxing club and multi-use community space following the tragic fire last year.

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DIY SOS asked for people to volunteer both their time and any building supplies for the new project, designed to benefit the residents from and around the tower.

The project aims to provide new facilities for the 60-year-old Dale Boxing Club (which had been based in the first floor of the Grenfell Tower since 1999) as well as building a separate community space. Both buildings were to be constructed on a site under the A40 Westway.

“I’m so excited about this project,” Knowles said. “DIY SOS is using its years of experience and vast contacts book to bring together companies from across the construction industry to work together with the local community on this important project.

“It’s daunting in terms of scale and size even for us but we all make an important statement when we come together to work on something so ambitious, so positive and so needed.”

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