Seni’s law: House of Commons approve mental health unit reforms

Olaseni Lewis
Olaseni Lewis

source: BBC News
published: 6 July 2018

A new law which ensures better monitoring of the use of force against patients in mental health units has been approved by MPs. “Seni’s law” was inspired by Olaseni Lewis who died in 2010 soon after being restrained by 11 police officers in Bethlem Royal Hospital, Beckenham.

Mr Lewis’ parents were among those who watched the Bill receive an unopposed third reading in the Commons.

The Mental Health Units (Use of Force) Bill will now go to the Lords.

It will require police officers to wear body cameras while carrying out restraint unless there are legitimate operational reasons for not doing so.

Any non-natural death in a mental health unit will also automatically trigger an independent investigation under the plans.

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