Windrush Generation: Yes Minister… it is a human rights issue

Houses of Parliament

source: Amnesty UK
published: 16 April 2018

The Home Office has finally made some response to mounting pressure over its disgraceful indifference to Commonwealth citizens, whose lives have been turned upside down several decades after they first settled in the UK.

Today, Theresa May apologised to Caribbean leaders over the ‘anxiety’ caused. But this together with the response yesterday, which included updating some short guidance about the circumstances of these people, is woefully inadequate. It is neither accurate as to the status and rights of Commonwealth citizens nor properly recognises the Government’s culpability in how their lives have been blighted.

Paulette WilsonMichael Braithwaite and Albert Thompson are but a few of those who have been detained, threatened with deportation, lost their jobs, their homes and been refused vital healthcare or social assistance. And who knows how many people have been forced out of the country of their home without any media attention and no legal assistance to defend their rights.

Who are the Windrush generation?
Many Commonwealth citizens arrived in the UK before British nationality and immigration law made any distinction between British subjects, whether born and living in the UK or elsewhere in the Empire.

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