Kevin Clarke lived in fear for his life after being tasered in 2015

Kevin Clarke
Kevin Clarke

source: iNews
published: 9 April 2018

The family of Kevin Clarke, who died in south east London last month after being restrained by up to 9 police officers while having a mental health crisis, has revealed how the 35-year-old lived in fear for his life because of previous encounters with the Met police.

Scotland Yard said it responded to reports that someone was trying to gain access to a property in Lewisham on the afternoon of Friday 9 March. It is understood that Mr Clarke was in an agitated state when the officers, many of whom were wearing body cameras, arrived. They restrained him until an ambulance came, taking Mr Clarke to Lewisham hospital where he died.

“Kevin said this was going to happen to him,” Wendy Clarke, his mother, told i from the family home in Lewisham. “Ever since he was tasered by police in 2015 [when he was sectioned]. Kevin was scared, scared they would kill him one day… so many people this has happened to.”

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