Deaths in custody point to ‘structural racism’ in Britain, says UN panel

Custody Cell

source: Socialist Worker
published: 28 April 2018

The scale of deaths of black people after contact with the police is so high that even United Nations agencies have felt the need to speak out.

The findings underline that the Tories’ persecution of the Windrush Generation is not an aberration the result of personal failings of home secretary Amber Rudd and Theresa May. Instead it is part of a broader pattern of systematic state racism.

A panel of UN human rights experts has said Metropolitan Police data shows a disproportionate number of minority ethnic people dying due to excessive use of force by state security forces.

People of African descent and of ethnic minority background, in particular young African and Caribbean men are twice as likely to die after the use of force by police officers. That’s according to figures released in August 2017.

“The deaths reinforce the experiences of structural racism, over-policing and criminalisation of people of African descent and other minorities in the UK,” said the panel.

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