This is what a forced deportation sounds like when it goes wrong

man restrainedsource: The Huff Post
published: 30 March 2018

Last year 12,666 people were forcibly deported from the UK – an average of nearly 35 people every day, often on commercial flights filled with holidaymakers, families and business travellers. 

But unlike the other passengers, they arrive accompanied by border police. They’re often restrained, in preparation for being sent back to their country of origin after failed asylum claims, criminal activity, or breaching immigration rules.

Although most of these deportations happen without incident, some have gone terribly wrong. The process was reformed after the death of Jimmy Mubenga during one such deportation in 2010.

However, on Saturday March 24th HuffPost UK witnessed an attempted deportation that left a man screaming in pain, with guards telling him to “shut the fuck up” and warning him that the “gloves are off”. Passengers aboard the Turkish Airlines flight expressed shock at his treatment. The guards told air stewards to prevent any recording of the events, and they in turn instructed passengers to stop recording the incident.

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