Anti-death penalty activist speaks about her brother’s death row execution

Troy Davis protestsource: The Daily Tar Heel
published: 26 March 2018

Activist Kimberly Davis came to UNC’s campus Monday night to speak about her family’s long struggle to prove the innocence of her brother, who was executed by the state of Georgia in 2011.

I am the sister of Troy Davis, who was an innocent man who was executed on death row,” Kimberly Davis said.

Troy Davis was executed for the 1989 killing of police officer Mark MacPhail. Nine witnesses originally testified that Troy Davis had killed MacPhail. Later, seven of those nine witnesses recanted their statements and said that they had been coerced into saying Davis had shot MacPhail.

Much of the audience was made up of students enrolled in Frank Baumgartner’s political science course, Race, Innocence and the Decline of the Death Penalty.

Within the context of the class, this lecture offers a more individual perspective, and a very human perspective on the topics we’ve discussed in the class,” teaching assistant Kai Stern said.

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