Daniel Morgan: The most famous British murder you’ve never heard of

Daniel Morgan
Daniel Morgan

source: Irish Times
published: 22 November 2017

Private detective Daniel Morgan was murdered 30 years ago, and Peter Jukes’s podcast Untold delves into a web of corruption, blackmail and tabloid dirt.

When Peter Jukes first made contact with the brother of murdered private detective Daniel Morgan, it didn’t seem like the most auspicious phone call he’d ever made. “Alistair just said he was sorry,” he recalls. “He just couldn’t keep telling the story, he was tired and he put the phone down.”

Daniel Morgan was killed in 1987. He was attacked with an axe in the car park of a London pub. The implication at the time was that this was done to silence him before he could expose corruption within the police force. By the time Jukes was first introduced to Alistair, Daniel’s brother had been seeking justice for more than 20 years.

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Calls for public inquiry into murder of Daniel Morgan, a Cwmbran private detective
20 November 2017

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