Rashan Charles family accuses Metropolitan police of ‘disdain’

Rashan Charles
Rashan Charles – Image Credit Rashan Campaign

source: The Guardian
published: 8 October 2017

A former senior Metropolitan police officer and relative of Rashan Charles, whose death sparked protests in east London, has said that the family is being treated with “disdain” by the force he served for 30 years.

Rod Charles, a retired sergeant and the 20-year-old’s great-uncle, said Scotland Yard’s refusal to explain the circumstances of the death shortly after contact with police meant the family’s rights “are being violated”.

Rashan Charles was chased into a Hackney shop by an officer in July before being restrained and handcuffed. Within 70 minutes of his arrest he was dead.

It has also emerged that police representatives have applied for an “ex parte” hearing, securing reporting restrictions. The move has preserved the anonymity of the officers involved but Charles’s family was not warned about the application, denying relatives the opportunity to challenge it.

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