Four dead in four weeks at Nottingham prison

Domiciliary Prisonsource: BBC News
published: 12 October 2017

Four inmates have died at Nottingham Prison in the past four weeks, the BBC has learned. A source, who wanted to remain anonymous, said three deaths were suicide and one was drugs-related, but the causes have not been confirmed.

In July, an Independent Monitoring Boards (IMB) report said the prison had a problem with violence and drugs. A Prison Service spokeswoman said every death in custody was a tragedy and it was putting more funds into safety.

In July, the IMB said Nottingham Prison’s problem with violence had been made worse by a lack of staff. Its report, which covered 12 months up to February, found five men had died in custody, two as a result of self-harm.

Calendar years 2013-16 each saw three deaths, while 2007 to 2009 saw none. The previous highest numbers of deaths since 2000 was five in 2004.

Drugs are also an issue and a source of bullying, debt, and health problems, investigators found.

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