Channel 4 News – Deaths in custody: our key reports [update]

Prisoner In Jailsource: Channel 4 News
published: 6 October 2017

Our Senior Home Affairs Correspondent Simon Israel has given unique and detailed scrutiny to the issue of deaths in custody. He’s spoken extensively to the families of men who have killed themselves or died in prisons, or police cells – and looked into how these events are investigated in the aftermath.

These are his key reports from so far this year; this will be updated as the programme continues to follow the issue.

The father of a man who killed himself while on suicide watch in prison has said his death could and should have been avoided. Mark Saunders’s son Dean was remanded in custody in Chelmsford prison, where he later killed himself. An inquest found the prison and mental health services guilty of a series of failings.

The following month the man’s family received an apology from Justice Secretary Liz Truss.

When Theresa May was Home Secretary in 2015 she met families of men who had died in police custody. She was so moved that she demanded that the Home Office investigate.

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