The American prison system revisited

Prison Detention Barbed Wire

source: The HuffPost
published: 16 September 2017

In Solitary, his new book (University of California Press) about prisons, prisoners and their keepers, Terry Allen Kupers has his eyes on readers who aren’t prisoners and who have probably rarely if ever been locked up behind bars.

He refers to his audience directly in the very last paragraph. “We go about our ordinary daily activities in comfortable homes, modern offices, and shopping malls,” Kupers writes. “But we cannot quite free our minds of the possibility of future violent incursions into our lives.”

He might have added that many of “us” build walls around our houses, put bars on our windows, and drive around in vehicles that seem more suited for military assault than for taking kids to soccer practice or shopping at Whole Foods.

I suppose that I’m one of the readers that Kupers has in mind, though I have been arrested, beaten and tortured by officers of the law and have spent brief amounts of time in jails.

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