Shooting of deaf man shows how police fail people with disabilities

Armed police officerssource: Mic News
published: 21 September 2017

Madgiel Sanchez, 35, was fatally shot by Oklahoma City police Tuesday night — friends and neighbors have reportedly said Sanchez was killed after police repeatedly yelled at him to drop a metal pipe he was holding. However Sanchez, who was deaf, couldn’t hear the police — and his death highlights how deaf and disabled people face an increased risk of violence when interacting with police.

According to a statement from the Oklahoma City Police Department, officers arrived at Sanchez’s home Tuesday night to investigate a hit-and-run accident. Sanchez was on his porch, holding a 2-foot-long metal pipe.

According to police, officers gave “verbal commands” to Sanchez to drop his “weapon” but he continued toward the officers, at which point Sgt. Christopher Barnes shot him.

Julio Rayos, a neighbor who witnessed the shooting, told the New York Times that he, his daughter and about six other neighbors tried to intervene, screaming at the officers that Sanchez was deaf and couldn’t hear their orders.

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Oklahoma police officer shoots deaf man despite cries of ‘don’t kill him, he’s deaf!’
21 September 2017

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