Justice for Caroline Small

On 18 June 2010 mother of two, Caroline Small aged 35, was sat behind the wheel of her Buick Century with nowhere to turn after a car chase with law enforcement. Police vehicles flanked her on both sides of a shallow ditch.

Caution: some distressing footage!


Caroline Small was unarmed at the time but she was very distraught, she had been recklessly driving and leading police on an erratic low speed chase that ended when her car tyres had flattened to the rims and spun out on a suburban street in Georgia.

Caroline’s death has also haunted Byron Bennett, who as a member of the Grand Jury that considered the officers fate and voted to clear them of wrongdoing. Bennett now regrets that decision he made. “I felt like I let that lady down,” he said. “I felt like they killed that lady. They didn’t give her a chance.”

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