Andy Lopez : No Justice No Peace

13 year-old Andy Lopez was walking to his friend’s house in Santa Rosa, California on 22 October 2013 when two Sonoma County deputies (Michael Schemmel and Erick Gelhaus) spotted the young boy carrying what they thought was an AK-47 assault rifle which was in fact a toy airsoft gun that fires plastic projectiles.


Justice for Andy Lopez! No Justice No Peace! A Badge Is Not a License to Kill—Jail Erick Gelhaus and his Partner!

    • Only Andy’s friends and community can win justice—Keep the struggle alive!
    • No confidence in police or politicians or FBI—Stop the cover-up!
    • Release the names of the killer cops and all videos of the murder now.
    • Conduct an independent, community-led investigation of Andy Lopez’s killing.
    • End racist police and ICE harassment of Latina/o and black youth! Stop the deportations.
    • Full citizenship rights for all immigrants with and without papers!

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