Skills Toolkit : Lifeline for bereaved families

Azelle Rodney’s Family
Azelle Rodney’s Family

source: INQUEST
originally published: 2015

The INQUEST Skills and Support Toolkit is a resource for families and friends dealing with the aftermath of a sudden bereavement in state custody.

The toolkit’s purpose is to help bereaved people navigate their way through the protracted inquest process and to build a range of skills to support their rights and access to information.

Individuals can learn basic skills such as, how to plan and organise information ahead of an inquest, speak in public, as well as some more advanced skills such as campaigning, speaking to media or lobbying a Member of Parliament.

Some of the key features designed to ensure the tool is user-friendly are:

  • An audio function on all pages, allowing individuals to listen as well as read the information
  • A number of interactive pages, encouraging families to actively engage with the content
  • A responsive site format, enabling users to access the resource across multiple devices, even when travelling to and from appointments or the inquest itself


INQUEST was founded in 1981. It is a small charitable organisation with a staff team of seven and the only organisation in England and Wales that provides a specialist, comprehensive advice service to bereaved people, lawyers, other advice and support agencies, the media, MPs and the wider public on contentious deaths and their investigation.

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