Kingsley Burrell: Family’s long fight for custody death answers

Kingsley Burrell March 2014 - pic courtesy BirminghamStrong4Justice
Kingsley Burrell March 2014 – pic courtesy BirminghamStrong4Justice

source: BBC News
published: 1 September 2016

More than five years after his death in custody, the family of Kingsley Burrell is still waiting to learn if three police officers will face charges. His case has now been taken up by the Black Lives Matter movement. But after years of delays, the family’s questions are still the same – just how and why did he die?

Mr Burrell was 29 years old when he died after a cardiac arrest at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham. Just four days earlier, he had been sectioned after calling police and claiming two men had put a machine gun to his head.

An inquest into his death concluded prolonged restraint and a failure to provide medical help had contributed to his death. Despite this, no-one has been held responsible.

The case is now being highlighted by the Black Lives Matter movement, with activists joining the family’s demonstrations and the US contingent of the campaign group even flying Mr Burrell’s sister to the United States to meet other campaigners.

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