Timeline of Taser controversies in the UK

Taser Gunssource: The Guardian
published: 16 August 2016

The death of the former footballer Dalian Atkinson after being Tasered by the police in Telford has prompted renewed concern about police use of the weapon. There have been at least 17 deaths linked to the use of Tasers since they were introduced in 2003.

In July 2014 the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) found that none of the eight deaths it had completed investigating at the time was directly caused by Tasers. Since those investigations were completed there have been nine more Taser-linked deaths. Here is a timeline of deaths, and other incidents, linked to the use of Tasers in the past decade.

Officers from Greater Manchester police fired two Tasers at John Butler after he shot himself in the head at the end of a 19-hour standoff in Skelmersdale, Lancashire. An investigation found that use of the Taser was justified as Butler was still alive at the time and holding a gun. The inquest verdict was suicide.

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