Justice for James Boyd

38-year-old mentally ill homeless man, James Boyd was shot, and subsequently died after a heated 4-hour standoff with Albuquerque police on 16 March 2014. Video footage shows officers Dominique Perez and Keith Sandy using flash bang grenades and a K9 dog team to aid them whilst talking to James.

Caution: some distressing footage!


When the Judge in the hearing determined the case did have probable caused, he was asked how he came to this decision by defence attorney Sam Bregman. To which the judge answered “The standard that you argued for, counsel, what would a reasonable police officer in that position have done?

The lawyers for officers Sandy and Perez, were adamant no wrongdoing had been committed by their clients. The Albuquerque Police Department have said they strive to keep serving their community whilst the trial goes ahead.

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