Police tasered mentally ill man to death in Jail – then covered it up

US Police Line Upsource: Alternet
published: 4 May 2016

The News Observer in North Carolina has filed a shocking and disturbing expose into the five-year cover-up by local deputies who tasered a mentally ill man to death.

Brandon Bethea was 24-years-old when Harnett County detention officers followed him into a padded cell and shot him in the chest with a taser. Bethea fell to the ground, still in leg shackles, as the officer pulled the trigger twice more jolting him with electricity. They left the cell, waiting 20 minutes to check if he was alive. He couldn’t be revived.

All of this was captured on video. But the deputy responsible remains an employee of the county jail, no charges have been filed and his boss — who helped cover up the homicide — ran unopposed in his last election. Republican Sheriff Larry Rollins even lied to reporters, claiming that the death was unavoidable.

The incident report later filed by the detective in charge of the case continued the cover-up.

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