Youth Voices 4 Justice : Tour 2016

UFFC - Voice of the child - Terence Bunch
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The voice of youth affected by custody deaths

Background Summary

The United Families & Friends Campaign and 4WardEver UK have secured funding from The Edge Fund to hold two events (Birmingham and London).

The focus of both events will be on young people that have been affected by losing a relative or friend in custody and will include speakers, music, poetry, film and the Justice Marketplace.

See details of launch appeal in 2015

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The secondary purpose of the events is to promote and encourage donations to The Mikey Powell National Memorial Family Fund which was launched in September 2015.

On behalf of the organisers

“The plight of young people left behind after losing a relative in custody is often overlooked, not addressed or supported in a coordinated or practical way by either the authorities or the campaigning community as a whole.

“This event seeks to hear the stories of young people (or those that were young at the time of their loss), how they were affected, and what support would have assisted them immediately following the loss of their loved ones. Equally, the event will explore the impact on the family unit as a whole.”

Tippa Naphtali (Mikey Powell Campaign & 4WardEver UK)

Confirmed date (London) – 10 June 2016  (Booking details to follow)

Confirmed date (Birmingham) – 9 September 2016  (Booking details to follow)

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