Sheku Bayoh documentary: Sister’s claims he was ‘killed like an animal’

Sheku Ahmed Tejan Bayoh
Sheku Bayoh

source: The Courier
published: 23 March 2016

Kosna Bayoh is seen speaking in front of MPs in the film 1500 And Counting, which will be screened later this year. She said: “He was pushed, punched, he was kicked, brutally tortured, stamped on, killed like an animal. What was the police thinking at the time? “Was it because of race? I don’t know.

“Who would want to see their loved one suffer the way Sheku did? That was really disgusting, traumatic and painful.

“We are fighting for justice for Sheku because the way he died was really devastating and sad. We will not rest as a family until we get justice.”

Sierra Leone-born Mr Bayoh, 31, died in Kirkcaldy on May 3 last year after he was restrained by police officers who used CS spray, PAVA spray and batons.

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