BBC’s thriller reveals levels undercover officers went to for private information

Undercover Hidingsource: Daily Mail
published: 27 March 2016

A new BBC thriller will tell the tale of the British women duped into sham marriages of up to 20 years by secret police officers who infiltrated their lives only to gain intelligence.’

Undercover’ draws on the real life experiences of one victim who was tricked into marrying and having children with a man she later discovered had been lying to her about their entire life together.

The scandal was exposed by The Observer newspaper in 2010, whose investigation found that a single officer had formed relationships with two female targets as a way of sourcing private information.

That policeman has never been publicly identified and is known only as Officer A.

His conduct led to the formation of the Pitchford Inquiry, a far-reaching probe into the conduct of undercover policing set to get under way next month.

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