Sarah Reed’s death demands a paradigm shift in how black women are treated

Sarah Reed
Sarah Reed

source: The Guardian
published: 23 February 2016

A 19-year-old mother and her partner are put into a taxi by a hospice and told to take their dead baby’s body, wrapped in a sheet – to an undertaker.

This didn’t happen in some far off part of the world devastated by war and poverty. It happened here in the UK.

This was to be the first of many occasions when this country’s public institutions would fail Sarah Reed. She had also been assaulted by the police (PC James Kiddie was sentenced to just 150 hours of community service for grabbing Reed by the hair, throwing her on the floor and punching her in the head) and later charged with GBH while at the Maudsley hospital.

Reed had told her family she’d been defending herself against sexual assault. While the case was ongoing, she was unexpectedly remanded into custody and sent to Holloway.

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