After 28 years in prison, man falsely convicted to walk free

Prison Detention Barbed Wiresource: Democracy Now!
published: 18 December 2015

A Denver, Colorado, man has spent 28 years in prison based on a dream—and it wasn’t his. Now he could soon be free.

In 1989, Clarence Moses-EL, who is African-American, was sentenced to 48 years in prison after a woman said she dreamed he was the man who raped and beat her in the dark. The victim said she was raped in her apartment after a night out drinking at a party.

She was beaten so badly during the attack that she suffered broken facial bones and lost the use of one eye. Initially, the victim named three men she had been drinking with as her possible attackers—none of them was Clarence Moses-EL.

But police never investigated any of those men, because, a day and a half later, the victim said she had a dream that Moses-EL was the one who raped her.

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