Review: ‘Blue’ tells story of LAPD’s pursuit of redemption after Rodney King beating

Book: BLUE The LAPD and the Battle to Redeem American Policingsource: The Post and Courier
published: 15 November 2015

A camera rolls in the distance while four white officers bring down their batons with enough force to break bone, striking a black motorist 56 times in 81 seconds.

Picked up by local and national media outlets, the footage is soon broadcast into homes worldwide.

A police department’s legacy is deeply tarnished. And the motorist’s name — Rodney King — is forever engrained in the annals of history.

Nearly 25 years later, one can’t help but wonder how much, really, has changed.

The Los Angeles Police Department’s pursuit of redemption in the wake of Rodney King and other scandals is detailed with a care undeniably attributed to a seasoned investigative journalist in Joe Domanick’s “Blue.”

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