Brisbane rallies against death in custody

Aboriginal Protestsource: REDFLAG
published: 27 October 2015

Aboriginal protesters and their supporters marched on Queensland Police headquarters calling for justice for Shaun Coolwell, on Saturday 24 October. He is the latest fatality in an ongoing epidemic of Aboriginal deaths in custody.

On 2 October, Shaun was at home in Logan, south of Brisbane, observing the fourth anniversary of his brother Bradley Coolwell’s death in police custody. After a distressed Shaun hurt himself and was bleeding, the family called an ambulance. However, paramedics called the police. Witnesses reported seeing 10 to 12 police cars arrive.

“Shaun was smashed down onto the floor and they used their knees and shoulders to hold him and handcuffed his hands behind his back”, family spokesperson Sam Watson told the Brisbane Times. Instead of receiving immediate medical assistance, Shaun was assaulted by police. By the time he arrived at Logan Hospital was declared deceased.

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