Who Polices the Police?

Concerning Violenceprovided by: 4WardEverUK
published: August 2015

On 29 October 2015 we screened ‘Who Polices the Police’. This documentary features the case of Sean Rigg whose inquest ended with a damning verdict on the excessive restraint by police officers that lead to his death on in Brixton Police Station. The radical documentary combines interviews with an experimental poetic approach and original music.

Guest Speakers: The Kingsley Burrell Family, the Filmmaker – Ken Fero (others to follow).

Download / view the flyer here >

Migrant Media was established in 1989 and is a collective of radical film makers working in documentary production.

They are media producers and activists embedded with communities of social and political interest.

Their work has a focus on race and class with a central narrative of resistance.

The film screening was followed with a Q&A.

Event hosted by The Drum, Birmingham.

See details of the filmmaker here

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